Fightcade Manual

What is Fightcade?

Fightcade is an online platform for retro gaming consisting of both frontend and backend parts on top of several emulators integrated with GGPO, which allows rollback-based P2P online play. In layman terms, this means that demanding games in terms of input lag and responsiveness (such as fighting games) can be played over the internet with very little perceivable lag.

Fightcade is not only about fighting games, though. It supports any game that its emulators support. This means you can play more than 7000 games on Fightcade at this time, and this number could grow in the future. It's like an online amusement arcade where you can play with or against anyone in the world, in any of your favorite retro games!

First things first

Download Fightcade here if you still haven't:

Install it in a directory of your choice, and you'll see that Fightcade creates 3 subdirectories: emulator, fc2-electron and ROMS.

Inside the emulator directory you'll find fcadefba.exe, which is our own customized build of the FBA emulator. You can launch it from here to configure its various audio/video options if you so wish. Barring video shaders though, we recommend you don't change the default settings since they may mess with online connectivity.

All your game roms must be inside the ROMS directory. You can launch fcadefba.exe inside the emulator directory to check which FBA version we're using. As a general rule, Fightcade is compatible with the romset of that FBA version, which should be aligned to the latest MAME supported romset as well.

Fightcade is just a frontend and thus it does not ship with any roms. Please don't ask us where to find them: we support digital preservation and emulation, not piracy.

Launching Fightcade

Upon launching Fightcade for the first time, you'll see the Welcome Screen:

Launching Fightcade

This screen may change through time, but the main toolbar should remain the same. Let's see what each of its buttons does:

Launching Fightcade

Back to welcome screen: Clicking on the FC logo will get you back to this screen.
Add game channel: Games in Fightcade are organized into chat rooms or "channels" where you can talk to other players and challenge them in order to play together.
Open notifications: This will open the notifications panel, where you'll be able to check your latest mentions and challenges, and get right to them.
Open settings: This will open the settings panel where you'll be able to change your e-mail, password and other stuff related to your Fightcade account.
Global state: Click on your avatar and you'll be able to change your global state to online or away, as well as log out.

Joining a game channel

Ok! So now you're ready to play one of your roms. You need to join its channel so that you can challenge other people. Click on the Add game channel button and then on the magnifying glass icon. You can search by name and use filters if you wish, by clicking on the icon next to the input box. Finally, hover over the game channel you want to join and click on the join button.

Join game channel

Right on! You're in that game's channel now. Time to challenge someone!

Join game channel

Playing online

Before "challenging" someone (that's the word we use in Fightcade to express playing online with another player due to our roots in fighting games), make sure that your rom is in working order. You can do this by clicking on the Test game button in the game channel's top right corner. Did it launch correctly? Good. So now find a player with at least 2 full ping bars to ensure a good connection quality, hover over him/her, right click and then click on "Challenge".

Join game channel

Nice, you sent your first challenge! Now if the other player accepts it, each client will launch the emulator on its side and you'll be playing together in no time.

Join game channel