Frequently Asked Questions

How is the beta rolling out?

We rolled it out in batches of users based on their registration date. First batch opened with people registered in 2014. Right now, anyone can join!

I'm a new user, how do I register?

At the moment you can register at the old Fightcade website and then log in with that account in the new Fightcade client which you can download here.

I forgot my password, it's been too long since I last used Fightcade

You can reset your password at the old Fightcade website, here: It will automatically reset for the new client.

My games don't work - Fightcade gives me an error on launching a game - Fightcade gives me a blank screen - etc

The new Fightcade comes bundled with a new version of FBA, so older romsets will not work (meaning: the games you played on the old Fightcade are not compatible with the new one), you need an updated one. As a general rule, the latest romset for Mame should work.

Can you give me a link to the current romset?

No, and if you paste a link to it or ask for one on our Discord server, first you'll get a warning and then a ban (and this might change to a more strict stance). We don't support piracy.

Game X only shows a black screen with audio when spectating, what gives?

Games like SFIII 3rd Strike are very heavy graphics-wise and so push stuff into memory in batches, not all at once. So you hear the audio but can't see the graphics because you joined mid-match and there's no background graphics in memory, so it shows nothing. Just wait until the current match ends: once the players return to the character selection screen, memory should be recreated with the new context's graphics and will work from that point.

Ping bars are ridiculous, useless and ugly! I want numbers!

If you hover over them with your mouse you'll get an estimated ping number. You can get the true, realtime ping number while in-game by pushing the backspace key. More info about why we use an estimated ping number in the lobbies here.

How do I change my profile pic?

Fightcade gets the avatars from Gravatar, so you can go there to change it (clicking on your profile pic on the settings inside FC will take you there as well). The e-mail address is case-sensitive, so make sure both e-mails (the one in Fightcade + the one in Gravatar) match! We recommend using just lowercase.

I need help configuring my inputs - Configuring FBA - etc

This question is out of the scope for this F.A.Q., but try coming to our Official Discord server and ask in #help, there's plenty of nice people there who can help you.

Game X isn't supported! Game Y needs macros! Game Z is the wrong version!

Yes, we know. But this is a beta and we have to focus on fixing major bugs. Games stuff will be looked into progressively after we squash every major bug. We're supporting a ton of new games. Bear with us! Checked Barbie Super Model yet?

MvC2? Naomi? Mortal Kombat? Etc

Fightcade is built on top of FBA, the software that powers the emulation. So if FBA doesn't support a game / board yet, you're out of luck! We can't do anything about it

Is there a full list of roms supported by Fightcade?

For the time being, there is not. There's one floating around but that's NOT official! We're constantly adding/changing/removing games due to several criteria. If there ever is one, we'll let you guys know.

I keep getting "guru meditation" errors, please help!

This is a hard one because it can be due to a variety of reasons, but, if you consistently have it, please make sure that you have the correct romset. Old Fightcade roms no longer work on the new Fightcade.

Then, verify you have DirectX9 Runtime 2010 ( installed and that the file d3dx9_43.dll is present in your system ( Remember to reboot your computer after making any DirectX runtime or .dll installs!

If you still get a crash, try to reproduce it and tell us: 1) which game is crashing, 2) what were you trying to do: spectate, play vs, or test game? Please oh please, only reports that can be consistently reproduced, or we won't be able to look into this! And again: old romsets do not work with the new Fightcade, you need a current one.

What's up with Genesis/Megadrive games playing at the wrong speed?

Console games are in a very early phase of support, don't expect them to perform well!

What does the "Automatic" setting do in the "Smoothing/Input lag" option in the settings?

Automatic does this:
3 ping bars = smoothing 0
2 ping bars = smoothing 1
1 ping bar = smoothing 2
0 ping bars = smoothing 3

(Windows 10) I cannot start Fightcade 2 or get anything to work, what is one way to start fresh?

1. Download FC2 again.
2. Put the folder in C:/ Drive
3. Setup your rom folder and such.
4. Add everything to exceptions in firewall and antivirus >
5. Right click fightcade2.exe and fcadefba.exe, go to properties, compatibility and change to WINDOWS 7 and set them to "always run as admin"
6. Attempt to connect.
7. Search and join a room, test game.

How can I test these games offline if I cannot access Fightcade 2 somehow?

To test Fightcade2 offline navigate to your drive/folder installation location and open: \Fightcade2\emulator\fba\fcadefba.exe

I get a “There was a problem starting…” error when I try to load a game on FC2

This seems to be a Final Burn Alpha specific issue with Capcom CPS2 board arcade games, where you are likely missing a file or have the incorrect region files within your .zip.
To find out what files should be present, open FBA either through “Test Game” or the “fcadefba.exe” itself, go to "Game, Load Game" and find the game you’re trying to load in the unavailable game list, right click the game and select “View Game Information”. This will bring up a list of files, along with their filesize and CRC32. Cross reference this with the files contained in your .zip and you can see what files are missing or the incorrect size.

Game will not load when connecting / Fightcade 2 can load my game but I can't connect with it.

It could be a firewall/anti-virus blocking FC2 from playing online games, try making the folder an exception in those, if that doesn't work you can also try port forwarding the GGPO ports, there's guides on if you need to try that. Fightcade uses TCP port 7000 and UDP ports 6000-6009.

Why do I have to update my romset everytime Fightcade updates its emulator to a major new version?

It's complicated, but your best bet is to read this article, specifically the "Troubleshooting your ROM sets and the history of ROMs" section that explains this stuff in more detail.

Why don't you do this? Why don't you do that? Why does it take so long? Why why why!?!?!?

Yes, yes :) Look: we're 4 guys, with very busy lives. We've been working on this very hard and would love to commit to it full time, but we just can't. Be kind, be patient. We do this solely out of love for retro gaming: it is not our daily job.


Thanks to Dyne and Baghead for their help making this FAQ!