May 25th, 2018

FBA Emulator

  • Updated to FBA (see changelog:
  • Included new FBA DWM Sync flag which might help in reducing stutter in Windows 10. Many thanks to RagingNoob for his thorough testing and help getting this longstanding issue some attention.
  • Improved netcode usage and unified for all settings (vsync, dwmsync, dsound, xaudio, nosound).
  • Insert coin reactions - quickly tap the insert coin button / key multiple times to send reactions to your opponent! Different reactions are sent with 2, 3 and 4 taps. (Optional, disabled by default in the Video > Blitter options submenu)
  • Various bugfixes.

Frontend + Backend

  • Various bugfixes.

February 23rd, 2018

FBA Emulator

  • Improved netcode for a better online experience. Thanks to RagingNoob, Terry and TheBox for their tests!
  • Added more ranked games (too many to list, thanks Riiya!)
  • New hardFX shaders for CRT simulation.
  • Draw ping and fps during a match (press backspace).

SNES9X Emulator (Patrons only until it's stable, then public release)

  • Implemented GGPO netcode.
  • Added initial, experimental support for SNES games.


  • NewRevamped user interface design A faster, more responsive, slicker UI.
  • NewColor themes (Patrons only) You can now change Fightcade's appearance via the settings section, under the "Frontend" subsection.
  • NewFavorite games You can now bookmark your favorite games for easy access. Hover over any game channel in the "add channel" section and click on "fav". Access your favorite games via the star icon in the "add channel" section's sidebar.
  • NewSearch filters You can now filter your search. Filter by genre, release year, system and ranked support.
  • NewShow ELO score (Patrons only) The system will now tell you your ELO score after finishing a match in a ranked channel.
  • NewAuto login. You no longer need to log in every time you launch Fightcade. It will automatically remember your password by default, until you manually log out.
  • EnhancedFaster channel interactions You can now exit and mute a channel by simply hovering its circle on the main toolbar, no need to right click on it. Muting a channel is the replacement for the old "not available" switch. Muting a channel means you won't receive notifications from it, and people there won't be able to challenge you.
  • EnhancedSupported games Added more supported games and split the list by platform, so you can now join the same game on different systems.
  • EnhancedMuted channels saved on logout Channels you have muted will now be remembered for your next login.
  • EnhancedNew app icons They should now look much better in both the Windows + Mac builds.


  • Many bugfixes related to crashes and matches.